“Falling in love is a process. Do you remember it? Ladies, when you first met your husband, he found you so extraordinarily attractive. He was concerned with your every wish, your every move, and rushed to fulfill your every desire. Men, your wife cherished every attempt you made to please her, and you felt on top of the world when she appreciated those efforts. That is how you fell in love.

Husbands gradually stop paying attention to their wives’ wishes; wives start failing to appreciate all the things their husbands do for them

The power struggle consists only of the emotional heat of a relationship without the sweetness of union, endless love, wondrous passion, and sublime wisdom—only the heat of conflict. For some couples, when that goes on for too long, an internal thermostat turns off the heat and the relationship cools. The couple resigns themselves to a detached and mediocre relationship. Failing to move
beyond the power struggle, creates either endless friction, or cool and boring
Dr. Michael Grossman, owner and operator of BodyLogicMD of Irvine, the guru of sexual wellness programs, has teamed up with his wife Barbara Grossman PH.D, fusing the perfect dynamic chemistry of the female and male psyche.

Starting February 12, learn how to Fall in love Forever:

~Dissolve anger, defensiveness, and emotional withdrawal.

~Create a foundation of love and caring.

~Build a bank account of good feelings, appreciation and respect.

~Recapture the joy of first love and courting.

~To appreciate the differences between men and women.

~To understand the sensitivities of men.

~To understand the sensitivities of women.

~Practical tools to create joy and fun in your romantic relationship.

~How intimate sharing can be fun and safe for both men and women.

~Why women are angry.

~How men can defuse female anger.

~How to get your man to do everything you want.

~How to get your woman to be the romantic lover of your dreams


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